Implementation Guides

Below are a series of downloadable pdf guides to assist you with your Hospital PVC Recycling Program.

Is it really that important to only put the three products into the Bin?
We can put all sorts of things into the General Recycling Bin.

The PVC collected at your hospital will go straight to a PVC reprocessor or manufacturer, not a sorter who specialises in separating different recyclables. Therefore it is important to only put whole PVC products, or the PVC components of products in the PVC bins. Fortunately the PVC parts are easy to identify!

If non-PVC items are put into the PVC bins the manufacturer rejects the hospital delivery, and sends it at cost to landfill. For example, non-PVC IV bags cannot be recycled at all. If these bins are repeatedly contaminated it may be necessary to temporarily suspend your collection service to identify the cause and to address the problem.

This may require further retraining, for bins to be relocated to better positions, a recycling leader to be appointed to check and monitor staff actions, etc. All this can be easily done.

From our experience, once hospital staff realise that the company receiving the material is a manufacturer and any contamination ruins a quality product sold to the public, such as garden hose, they take greater care in ensuring the bin contents are only PVC.


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