Getting Involved

Want to start PVC recycling at your hospital? Below you can find out whether your hospital is a good candidate for PVC recycling, information on how to get started, and training tools.

Want to know more?

If you want to know more about recycling PVC, have a specific question, or to get the occasional ebulletin on the program, click here to contact the Vinyl Council.

Can My Hospital Join?

The PVC Recycling in Hospitals program is available to most major public and private hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. To help you get ready, below are some factors which predict successful implementation of the program.

Estimate your quantities

The quantity of PVC you use will determine how much you are likely to recycle through this program. Based on our experience with many hospitals of different types and sizes we know the typical quantities that are able to be recovered from ICU, Theatres etc.

You can calculate your quantities based upon these proportions below. This can also help determine the number of bins and frequency of collection.

*Please note that these values are based on the assumption that all of the IV bags used at your hospital are made from PVC. Non-PVC IV bags cannot be included in this collection.

Does your hospital use PVC products?

The vast majority of IV fluid bags, face masks and tubes are made with PVC and so are readily recyclable. However, it is important to check which brands and plastics your hospital purchases as non-PVC products are not recyclable into product in Australia. It may be difficult for your nurses to separate out non-PVC items, and loads of mixed plastics will contaminate and ruin finished product and it be unlikely to be collected.

Unfortunately not all companies clearly label their products as to the type of plastic or whether it is recyclable. Look for the Plastics Identification Code No 3 and recycling symbol, ask your supplier or contact the Vinyl Council if you are not sure. Sometimes PVC products are also labelled to say they contain ‘DEHP’ which is a plasticiser to make them soft and pliable.

Check the packaging, ask your supplier or contact us with your queries.

Is your Hospital Ready for a New Recycling Program?

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Can you find support for PVC recycling at your hospital?

Does your hospitals have a sustainability officer, waste and recycling services officer, green committee, innovation manager or similar who could support the program with you? Having the support from various team members will make the implementation of PVC recycling much more effective.

Will PVC Recycling Cost the Hospital?

Depending on your location, the PVC Recycling In Hospitals program may be available to you free of charge, or for a small fee to account for the transport of the PVC from the hospital. However even with the fee, disposing of PVC through the recycling program is still cheaper compared with general waste or clinical waste.

What Support is Available?

Provide recycling bins to store the collected PVC at no cost to the hospital

Engage key staff in the lead up to implementation

Provide educational and promotional material to facilitate implementation

Provide assistance in training nursing staff regarding PVC recycling

Provide feedback on the quality and amount of recycled PVC

I Think My Hospital Is Ready to Recycle PVC. What Happens Now?

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